Sourcing the World of Specialty Teas

Our expert tea tasters offer you experienced and trained palates utilizing decades of knowledge of specialty teas. Our standards for evaluating quality and grading specialty tea are consistent and guaranteed. Close ties with tea gardens ensure the development of high standards of quality and fresh inventories.

Our expertise combines on-the-ground knowledge of the tea gardens with smooth and cost-efficient, logistical systems directly sourcing freshly produced specialty teas. We inspect all initial samples and final materials to ensure consistent quality of both the leaf appearance and cup quality.

We cooperate very closely with our producer partners around the globe to give our customers access to the world’s teas. In addition to assuring your supplies and product safety, we also offer access to the latest market developments and excellent service.

exceptional and reliable service

We partner with our clients and advise them to balance their decisions based on quality, price and quantity.

We process and deliver your requirements quickly, reliably and affordably. We value honesty and integrity in all our dealings. It is the cornerstone of our reputation and long-term success and our clients have grown with us for decades.

We offer high quality Camellia Sinensis teas of all types: Darjeeling, Ceylon, Assam, China, Japan, Formosa (Taiwan) – Black, Oolong, Green, White, Scented.

Minimum case/weight sizes can vary according to leaf densities. Sometimes other size options can be available, so please call to confirm. For prices and availability, please contact us.